We’re Called Because We’re Needed

Tonight we had a leadership meeting for my church.  As of January 1st, I am officially serving as the Assistant Pastor, and I’m so thankful for that!  What struck me during the meeting is that everyone there is called, not just me and the head pastor.  We all have something unique to offer, a gift that makes the whole church (and Church, for that matter) function better.  Then, when I got home tonight, I started into A Wind in the Door, the fiction book I’m currently reading (the 2nd book in the Wrinkle in Time series by Madeleine L’Engle).  I actually already read this book a couple months ago, but it’s so deep that I decided to plumb its depths again.  Over the next few days/weeks, I will be writing a series of posts reflecting on some of L’Engle’s brilliant concepts in this book, but I know I happened upon tonight fit perfectly with my reflection on our leadership meeting.  A Teacher comes to help the three kids who are the main characters of this series.  The youngest child, Charles Wallace (6, in first grade), needs help because he is getting bullied at school.  But the Teacher has come to the children–and a cherubim too–to ask for their help.  Charles doesn’t believe he can be much of a help to anyone because he can’t even take care of himself, but the Teacher responds, “Nevertheless you are called, and anybody who is invited to study with one of the Teachers is called because he is needed.  You have talents we cannot afford to lose” (chapter 3, page 61 in my edition).  This struck me so profoundly.  When we are called, it is because God needs our particular gifts and talents to accomplish what he wants in the world.  I know it seems strange to talk about God as “needing” us–and in one sense he clearly doesn’t–but God chooses to need us.  God has chosen to not do everything himself, and instead he chooses to work through ordinary people like you and me.  Because he has decided not to work in the world without us (though he still may occasionally), he needs us to be ready and willing to listen to him and carry out what he wants to accomplish.  That’s both a huge responsibility on us and a huge relief.  Yes, we have to be ready and willing to work when God calls us, but we also don’t have to strive to figure everything out; he’ll make it clear in his timing!  I’m just thankful that God chooses to use our meager gift offerings because so often I have so little to offer.  And I love to think that God sees my gifts as so precious that he “cannot afford to lose” them.  Let’s continue contributing our gifts to the Lord, trusting that he wants to use all of our gifts to continue spreading his love to those who have yet to hear of him.  What a blessed service it is!  For “his yoke is easy and his burden is light!” (Matthew 11:30)



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