“Hope” has to be my word for 2014.  I’m not sure if it’s a noun or a verb, but I think it has to be my word going forward.  A little over 2 years ago now, a friend took a beautiful picture of me (I’m off in the distant background), and he said that, as he prayed about it, God gave him the title, “She Waiting on Hope.”  Well, after over 2 years, I think I’ve been waiting long enough.  There are some things that I desperately wish had changed in my life in those two years, and they just haven’t, but I can’t hope in earthly things.  My hope has to be in God, his love for me, and the abundant life he has promised (which includes amazing friends who love me too!).  I want to have hope (the noun form), but on the days when I don’t, I can still choose to hope (the verb form).  I can hope in God’s promises to be with me always.  I can hope in and be thankful for the fact that I am never alone (God and some amazing people surround me).  And some days, I hope simply because that’s all I can do.  Life is really hard at times (especially during this time of transition), and if I didn’t hope there wouldn’t be any point in getting up each day.  And so I choose to hope, praying that the Lord will continue to faithfully fill my life with more and more reasons to hope.  Please hope with me as we walk together into 2014.  Hope is something no one can do alone.  The beauty of the Christian community is that, when my hope is weak, you can carry me, and I can do the same for you.  Let’s carry one another into this new year, so we may never lose the beautiful hope we have grounded in our God.



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