After a week and a half of consistently writing a blog every night, I’d say that I’ve displayed discipline.  I know it may not seem like very long to some of you, or that it would require much discipline, but it’s actually taken a lot for me to do this, particularly during the holidays with how varied and crazy my schedule has been.  So that’s my Christmas present to myself: proving that I can do this and staying motivated moving forward.  I want to make it to a month of posting every day–then we’ll see if I decide to keep doing this daily moving forward.

As far as Christmas goes, it was wonderful!  I got to spend a good deal of time with family, as well as see my best friend and her family.  There was lots of love, and since I didn’t ask for anything for Christmas, I wasn’t disappointed with anything I got! 😛 It was truly a blessing getting to spend time with so many people I love, though I’m pretty peopled out now!  And I won’t get a day to myself while I’m here!  Oh well–the joy (and craziness) of the holidays!  Merry Christmas, everyone, and I pray you find rest during the busyness of the holiday season.


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