My Early New Year’s Resolution

Since graduating from seminary back in August, I’ve been wanting to be more faithful about reading (what I want to read!) and writing every day, just to set up some good habits.  But a busy–and way fun!–road trip made that hard to do.  Now that I’m finally getting settled here in Santa Barbara, CA, I’m ready to begin this project–but why wait until the New Year?!  So I figure today is as good a day as any to begin.  So here goes nothing!  My goal is to read, write, and reflect every day… for at least a month.  I want to say “for at least a year,” but that sounds too daunting at this point.  So we’re going with a month.  That seems more doable, particularly while I’ll be resting more during the holiday season.  I might write about what I read for the day or I might write about something totally unrelated.  I might just write on here to report that I did some other writing for the day (I recently started working on my memoir, and I might try writing some articles too).  Or I might link to some interesting seminary papers I wrote.  Who knows?  But I’m going to read, write, and reflect every day for the next month.  I need more of these practices in my life, so please hold me accountable to doing them.  I need all the help I can get!



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